Dafriend or Dafoe – 014 – Body of Evidence

It’s 1993. You’re Madonna. You’re crazy famous. You want to make a movie. What do you do? You star in Body of Evidence with Willem Dafoe! There’s no easy way to say this- This is just NOT a good movie! But it is “so bad it’s good” so there’s that. Our boy, Dafoe, gets a…Read moreRead more

Dafriend or Dafoe – 013 – What Happened To Monday?

In the near future, humanity deals with a food production crisis by using genetically modified foods to the point where multi-infant births are the norm, causing a population explosion! To deal with this, the government imposes a one-child policy, causing a dilemma for Willem Dafoe as he becomes the guardian to a set of sextuplets. They…Read moreRead more

Dafriend or Dafoe – 012 – The Boondock Saints

A movie made by a bartender with zero experience in the film industry, 1999’s The Boondock Saints is a cult classic with an amazing background story. The subject of an intense bidding war and released only weeks after the Columbine High School massacre, this movie found a second life thanks to Blockbuster Video and rabid…Read moreRead more

Dafriend or Dafoe – 011 – eXistenZ

Recommended by our listener, Wayne, 1999’s eXistenZ by David Cronenberg is a multi-layered sci-fi thriller based in a world where virtual reality is more attractive than the real world to most, and where Jude Law and Jennifer Jason Leigh must play an elaborate game to evade capture from assassins. We definitely think you should watch this movie before…Read moreRead more

Dafriend or Dafoe – 010 – Light Sleeper

From the writer of the classic “Taxi Driver”, Light Sleeper never figures out what kind of film it wants to be – a crime thriller, a romantic piece, film noir, etc, etc. On this episode, Ann and Isaac mull through the 1992 movie with the consensus that you shouldn’t unless you have Amazon Prime. The picture…Read moreRead more

Dafriend or Dafoe – 009 – American Dreamz

A film with A-list talent and a successful director… that you’ve probably never heard of. On this episode, Ann and Isaac get into the 2006 film, American Dreamz! This attempt at dark satire falls way short of funny or dark, lingers way past its welcome and can’t decide what audience it wants to attract- light-hearted comedy…Read moreRead more

Dafriend or Dafoe – 008 – Shadow of the Vampire

On this episode, Ann and Isaac get into the Nic Cage produced 2000 film, Shadow of the Vampire! In this movie, Willem Dafoe simply steals every scene he’s in, carrying the picture under heavy prosthetics to the point of being nearly unrecognizable. The supporting cast also comes to play to provide a great indie-horror/dark comedy.  If you’ve…Read moreRead more

Dafriend or Dafoe – E007 – Speed 2: Cruise Control

On this episode, Ann and Isaac get into the widely panned Sandra Bullock box-office bomb Speed 2: Cruise Control. The production of this movie literally nearly killed its two main stars. While an overall horrific film, Dafoe steals every scene he’s in. Listen now to hear what your hosts thought of this action clunker. If you’ve got something about…Read moreRead more

Dafriend or Dafoe – E006 – Murder On the Orient Express

On this episode, Ann and Isaac get into 2017’s Murder On the Orient Express. Despite all of the talent involved with this picture, critics are pretty evenly divided on this movie. Our hosts, however, are of a unified opinion when it comes to this Kenneth Branagh production. This show is super spoiler-heavy so in you don’t want to…Read moreRead more

Dafriend or Dafoe – E005 – The Florida Project

On this episode, Ann and Isaac talk about the independent 2017 release, The Florida Project. This film has gathered a lot of attention for the award-worthy performances of Willem Dafoe and several of the other players featured in the movie. IMDB describes the film as “Set over one summer, the film follows precocious six-year-old Moonee as…Read moreRead more