Dafriend or Dafoe – 050 – Once Upon A Time In Mexico

It’s the 50th episode of our show! This week we’re talking about Once About A Time In Mexico! Featuring the return of the mythic guitar-slinging hero, El Mariachi (Antonio Banderas), in the final installment of the Mariachi/Desperado trilogy. the saga continues as El Mariachi makes his way across a rugged landscape on the blood trail of Barrillo, played by Willem Dafoe, a cartel kingpin with one last score to settle who is planning a coup d’etat against the president of Mexico. Enlisted by Johnny Depp playing a corrupt CIA agent, El Mariachi demands retribution! This movie was so bad it was great! Find out what Ann and Isaac have to think by listening to the show now and then join us on our Facebook page for more fun!